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Wooden Conversation Hearts, 5 Colors/Words

Duct Tape and Denim

  • $ 999

These cute chunky conversation hearts are cute tucked into your tiered tray decor, on shelves, centerpieces, or as bowl fillers on your coffee table.

Size: 5" x 4" x 3/4"

Words are stenciled onto the painted surface of the hearts.

NOTE: Due to the increased price of wood, we're currently cutting these from MDF. They'll still be painted and distressed the same way. The MDF actually makes for a much smoother finish. PHOTOS COMING SOON>

During the "off-season" (ie, not right before Valentine's Day) we don't paint these until you order so give us a little extra time!

These are hand-painted in our home studio so expect some variation in the wood, wood grain, distressing, paint colors, and/or placement of words. Your wooden conversation hearts are made in the USA by HAND, not machines!

Pastel color/word combinations available:
* Green SWEET
* Pink KISS
* Orange LOVE
* Purple TRUE LOVE

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