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Vintage Child's Shoe Form, Mold, or Last


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We recently found a supply of over 50-year-old children's shoe forms. They're not quite old enough to be antique but they are dated. The ones I have right now are dated 1950 and 1946. 

These are made of wood with pieces of metal in the heel. Well used, worn, patina, maybe small cracks, and nail holes. These all show that these lasts/molds/forms are TRUE vintage... NOT reproductions!

These wooden shoe forms are sometimes called shoe molds or shoe lasts. Although they aren't really shoe stretchers you may also hear them called by that name.

Each is stamped with "EMPIRE BRANCH U. L. CO. ROCHESTER" & the date. There are various other letters and numbers stamped on them. I know one set of numbers is the size.

These look great in vintage, industrial, or modern farmhouse decor.

Size: approximately 7-8" x 2 1/2-3" x 2-2 1/2", depending on the size