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One-of-a-Kind Vintage Items - BINGO GAME IN BOX


  • $ 1000


We buy vintage Bingo cards at flea markets all the time but it's not often that we run across a game set still in the box. So I didn't want to break up this set before I checked to see if any of our customers would want it.

I don't know if this Bingo game set is complete or not... here's what's in the box:

  • 15 Bingo cards
  • 1 Bingo spinner (cardboard with metal spinner)
  • 86 cardboard marker squares
  • 57 wooden number markers

Those last two numbers could be wrong... that was a lot of little pieces to count!

The box is a little rough. The tape on the corners has lost its stickiness but I didn't tape anything or try to make any repairs.

Instruction inside the box lid.

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